Jive training courses

DRG provides both a regular Jive introduction course and custom-made courses that are aimed at specific topics. The introduction course takes four days and covers all essential topics to get started with Jive. The basis of this course is formed by the tutorials available on this web site. Of course, you can work through these tutorials on your own, but following a course has several advantages: it sets a schedule; it offers the opportunity to ask questions; it provides additional information that is not part of the tutorial; and it is a good occasion to meet other Jive users.

The Jive courses by DRG are normally presented in or near Delft in The Netherlands, but they can also be presented elsewhere on request.

If you would like to present a Jive training course yourself, please do so! This is not an activity that is exclusively reserved to DRG.

Course Schedule

Please contact us via our contact form for more information about the training courses and the schedule.